In order to better serve our customers' needs, we offer a few financing options. Our customers have used both of the companies below and they have been satisfied. These options allow customers to obtain financing for their products for little to no additional cost. Crest Financial allows customers to finance products for 90 days with only a $40 up front fee. There are no other additional charges as long as the balance is completely paid within the 90 days. Tempoe, on the other hand, offers financing for 90 days and charges only 10% interest as long as the entire balance is paid off in 90 days. Tempoe also requires much less information during the application process than Crest Financial.

You may apply for either of these financing options online. Simply click on the link below and fill out the online application. If you are approved, bring your approval code in the store and we can get your purchase completed. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 315-218-5273.